About the Underwood Family Tree Website

The Underwood Family Tree Website is a work in progress, and it always will be.

At the younger end of the family, children will continue to grow up, get married, and have children of their own, thereby expanding the family tree into the future.  At the older end of the family new technology and transcription of parish records will probably result in the family tree expanding further into the past.

The main emphasis of the Underwood Family Tree Website is to give current members of the Underwood family a sense of belonging and tradition by enabling them to view the family history.  To this end, the family tree not only includes the blood line from the earliest members, but also includes but also includes spouses and step children who became part of the Underwood family through marriage.

Information about living members of the family is generally confined to their name, and to their year of birth.  The birth year is only included to enable diferentation between family members who may have the same name.

Are you a descendant?  Please contact us.

If you are a living member of the Underwood Family, no matter how distant, the Underwood Family Tree  Website needs your help:

  • Family members can Register on the site and then Login to get enhanced access.
  • If you notice any errors, please use the ‘contact us‘ form to let us know.
  • If you can add any details, please let us know.
  • If you have any birth, marriage, death certificates, or any other documents of interest belonging to any non-living member of the family, you could take a photograph of the document an send me a copy to use on the website.
  • Living members of the family tree are welcome to take responsibility for their own page of family tree website.
    • You can be given editing rights over your own page.
    • You can make your page public, make your page completely private, or make your page visible only to other logged in members of the family.
    • You can mix things up and make part of your page public, part of your page private, and part of your page visible only to logged in members of the family.

All families have skeletons in their closets, and all families have some members who have fallen out with one another for various reasons.  Sometimes those skeletons can be made public once someone has died.  It can add colour to any family tree if you discover that your ancestor was a pirate or highwayman or an illigitimate child of a monarch.

However much colour may be involved, there is no place for family disagreements or differences to be made public whilst the persons concerned are still living.  For that reason, however much provication you may feel you have, living members of the family who are completing their own page should avoid slagging-off any other member of the family.  Your own page should be confined to information about your own life events, and should only incidentally refer to other people.  Things that should be included would be your place and date of birth, the names of your parents, details about your education and employment, details of any marriage or partner, and details of any children.

You need to be aware that the administrator of the site, currently Richard Underwood, can view your page even if you decide not to allow other people to publicly view it.  Comments or material deemed to be offensive to any other members of the family will be removed.

Last, but not least, to ensure continuity of the site into the future there should realistically be at least two administrators for this website.  Ideally I would like there to be three administrators.  I am currently in my 70’s.  I would like to appoint two other administrators, one middle aged, and one in their early to mid twenties.  The website has been created with WordPress software, so if you fall within those age ranges and you are familiar with WordPress I would be pleased to hear from you if you are interested.

For those interested in finance.  The cost of running the website is currently less than one pound a week, and this covers the annual registration of the website name, and the annual hosting of the website software.