Ann Maria Underwood born 1844

Ann Maria Underwood‘s parents were George William Underwood and Maria Lane who got married in 1840 In Gloucestershire.   Her parents spent most of the 1840’s living in a workhouse where they had four children, John James Underwood and Fanny Underwood, who both died in infancy, and William George Underwood and Ann Maria Underwood who survived.   Ann Maria Underwood was born in Bridgwater Workhouse in 1844.  Her mother died in a workhouse in 1850 so it would appear that the family were in a workhouse for the whole of that decade.

Her father secured work as a train driver soon afterwards, and in 1851 her father married his second wife, Matilda Curtis.  At the time of the 1851 census Ann Maria Underwood is a 7 year old scholar living with her father and step-mother, together with her brother William George Underwood from her father’s first marriage.

Ann Maria Underwood is still with her father and step-mother at the time of the 1861 census, although she is named as Annie not Ann, and she is described as a 17 year old rope maker.  Also listed on the 1861 census are Ann Maria Underwood‘s step brothers and sisters from her father’s second marriage.

In 1869 Ann Maria Underwood married John Budding at Dover, Gloucestershire, and they had three children, Eliza Kate Budding born in 1871, George Thomas Budding born in 1881, and James Henry Budding born in 1883.

Ann Maria Budding (nee Underwood) died in 1915 at Stockton on Tees.

UK Birth index 1844 Jan-March,

Bridgwater Union, volume 10, page 358
Underwood Ann Maria, Mother’s name: Lane

1851 UK Census: Parish of Barton St Mary, Gloucestershire

George Underwood, head, aged 32, Engine Driver, born Atworth.
Matilda Underwood, wife, aged 20, born Bath.
William George Underwood, son, aged 9, scholar, born Bridgwater, Somerset.
Ann Maria Underwood, daughter, aged 7, scholar, born Gloucester.

1851 Census Barton St Mary
1851 Census Barton St Mary (click to enlarge in new tab)

It looks as though the person who took the census got confused and got the places of birth wrong for the two children.  It was William George Underwood who was born in Gloucester, and Ann Maria Underwood who was born in Bridgwater.

1861 UK Census, Parish of Dursley. Railway House:

George Underwood, Head, married, aged 42, Railway Engine Driver, born Atworth, Wiltshire.
Matilda Underwood, Wife, Married, aged 29, born Bath, Somerset.
Annie Maria Underwood, Daughter, unmarried, aged 17, Rope Maker, born Bridgwater, Somerset.
George Underwood, Son, aged 9, Scholar, born Gloucester, Gloucestershire.
John H Underwood, Son, aged 7, Scholar, born Gloucester, Gloucestershire.
Orlando Underwood, Son, aged 5, Scholar, born Bristol, Gloucestershire.
Octavius Underwood, Son, aged 2, scholar, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.
Rosa Matilda Underwood, Daughter, aged 1, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.

1861 Dursley Census
1861 Dursley Census (Click to enlarge in new tab)

Ann Maria Underwood married John Budding on 21 August 1869 at St James the Appostle church in Kent.  The church records record her spouce’s father as Thomas Budding.

Marriage of Ann Maria Underwood

UK Marriage index Jul-Sep 1869
Dover, Gloucestershire, vol 2a, page 1240
Ann Maria Underwood and John Budding

Census Records for Ann Budding

1891 UK Census
St John’s Cottage, St John’s Place, Stockton on Tees.
John Budding, head, 49, Engine Fitter, born Dursley Gloucester.
Ann Maria Budding, wife, 47, born Bridgwater, Somerset.
Eliza Kate Budding, daughter, 20, General Domestic Servant, Born Chatham Kent.
George J Budding, son, 11, scholar, born Bristol Gloucester.
James H Budding, son, 8, scholar, born Stockton Durham.

Census Stockton on Tees 1891
Census Stockton on Tees 1891 (Click to enlarge in new tab)

1901 UK Census
Oxford Street, Stockton upon Tees, Durham, England
John Budding, Head, 59 years, Steam Engine Fitter, born at Dursley, Gloucestershire
Ann M Budding, Wife, 57 years, born at Bridgwater, Somerset
George T Budding, Son, 21 years, Steam Engine Machinist, born at Bristol, Gloucestershire

1911 UK Census
8 Neasham Street, Stockton on Tees
Ann Maria Budding, head, 67, widow, born Bridgwater Somerset.
James Henry Budding, son, 28, married, Marine Engine Turner and Fitter,  born Stockton on Tees Durham.
Sarah Budding, daughter in law, 28, married, born Stockton on Tees.
Albert Edward Grace, grandson, 13, school, born Thornaby on Tees.

Census Stockton on Tees 1911
Census Stockton on Tees 1911 (Click to enlarge in new tab)

Death of Ann Maria Budding (nee Underwood)

UK Death index Jan-March 1915
Stockton on Tees, vol 10a, page 119
Budding, Ann M