Ann Perkins Detective Agency

The Ann Perkins Detective Agency books are a three book series of crime thrillers based in Manchester, England with a touch of Northern humour.

It’s hard being a cross-dressing private detective in Manchester. The police think you are bent and the criminals think you are straight, and you don’t know if you are coming or going.

Ernie Wright has a plan in each of these stand-alone stories, but nothing is ever going to go right.

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Ann Perkins Detective Agency Series

Manchester based crime thrillers with a touch of Northern humour.

FAKE WITNESS (Book One) – It’s hard being a crossdresser in Manchester. When Ernie Wright was made redundant he wanted compensation to the tune of a million pounds. That seemed beyond him until the day he decided to rob a bank. Everything was planned to the smallest detail and he mistakenly thought nothing could go wrong, but the events of that day were to change him in more ways than he could ever imagine.

ACCUSED (Book Two) – A client of the Ann Perkins Detective Agency is wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, and Ernie Wright is tasked with finding the real killer. What should be routine case takes a turn for the worse when Ernie himself is accused of a different murder. Two murders, two arrests, two innocent people.

SPIED (Book Three) – Ernie Wright has signed the ‘Official Secrets Act’ and been recruited by GCHQ, but that doesn’t stop him from being arrested when he is found with his hands around the neck of his neighbour’s dead body. Terrorists, diamonds, murders and mayhem abound in this stand alone third and final book in the Ann Perkins Detective Agency series which ties up all the lose ends and provides a fitting climax.