Arthur Lusty

Arthur Lusty married Alice Curtis Underwood at Dursley, Gloucestershire, in 1893.

Marriage of Arthur Lusty

UK Marriage Index. Dursley, Jan-March 1893,
vol 6a, page 289
Alice Curtis Underwood and Arthur Lusty

There are several Arthur Lusty’s who were born in the Dursley, and Gloucestershire area which may be the person concerned. There are also two single Arthur Lusty’s in their 20’s living in Gloucestershire at the time of the 1891 Census.

One day I will get a copy of the marriage certificate. That will give me his age at marriage, the name of his father and witnesses, and should help to identify his date of birth. That in turn may help identify his date of death.

I also intend to check the 1901 Census records sometime for children.