Cyril Oliver Underwood born 1897

The 1901 Census shows a Cyril B Underwood, born at Chellaston, Derbyshire, as the 4 year old son of Octavious Underwood and Agnes Meakin.

However there is no equivalent record in the UK index of births anywhere in Derbyshire. There is a record that matches, but this is in relation to a Cyril Oliver Underwood, born at Shardlow, Derbyshire in 1897, whose mother’s maiden name was Meakin.  It is likely that the Cyril B Underwood listed on the Census is really Cyril Oliver Underwood and the first letter of his second name has been entered incorrectly, or mis-transcribed.

Birth Record for Cyril Oliver Underwood
UK index of births. Shardlow 1897, volume 7b, page 507
Underwood Cyril Oliver, Mothers name: Meakin

So far, I have been unable to find an equivalent marriage index, or death index for either Cyril B or Cyril O.