Fanny Underwood born 1850

Fanny Underwood‘s parents were George William Underwood and Maria Lane who got married in 1840 In Gloucestershire.   Her parents spent most of the 1840’s living in a workhouse, where they had four children, John James Underwood and Fanny Underwood, who both died in infancy; and William George Underwood and Ann Maria Underwood who survived.  Fanny Underwood was born in Gloucester Workhouse in 1850, and died the same year.   Her mother also died in the same workhouse the same year.

UK Birth index 1850 Jul-Sept,

Gloucester Union, volume 11, page 364
Underwood Fanny, Mother’s name: Lane

UK Death Index 1850 Oct-Dec,

Gloucester Union, Volume 11, Page 285
Underwood Fanny,
Aged 0