Florence Emily Underwood

Florence Emily Underwood was born at Derby in 1878.  Her parents were Octavious Underwood, born at Dursley, Gloucestershire, in 1857, and Agnes Underwood (nee Meakin) born at Chellaston, Derbyshire, in 1885 who married in 1895.  Her parents were living together as husband and wife from about 1877, and listed as such on various census entries, but did not actually get married until 18 years later in 1895.  Florence Emily Underwood was was their first child and was registered with her mother’s surname of Meakin, whilst subsequent children were registered in the name of Underwood.  As a result she sometimes used the surname ‘Underwood’ and sometimes used the surname ‘Meakin’.

Her paternal grandparents were George William Underwood, born at Atworth, Wiltshire in 1819, and Maria Underwood (nee Lane) born in 1823.

The 1881 Census shows a 1 year old Emily Underwood as having been born in Derby.  The 1891 Census shows a 12 year old Florence E Underwood as having been born in Derby.  It is believed that these are the same person, Florence Emily Underwood, and that would make her year of birth between 1879 and 1881 .

There are no corresponding government records office entries for Derby within those years, but there is one in 1878.

Birth of Florence Emily Underwood:

UK Birth index 1878
Derby, Jul-Sept, vol 7b, page 517
Meakin, Florence Emily

UK Census Entries for Florence Emily Underwood:

1881 UK Census, Town of Derby. “6 Wellington Street:
Octavius Underwood, lodger, married, aged 23, engine fitter, born Wales.
Agnes Underwood, wife, married, aged 25, born Derby.
Emily Underwood, Daughter, aged 1, born born Derby.
Octavius G Underwood, Son, aged 2 months, born Long Eaton, Derbyshire.

Census 1881 Derby
Census 1881 Derby (Click to enlarge in new tab)

1891 UK Census
42 Bolton Edge, Chellaston, South Derbyshire
Octavius Underwood, Head, Married, aged 33, Miner / Master Pit Labourer, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.
Agnes Underwood, Wife, Married, aged 35, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.
Florence E Underwood, Daughter, aged 12, Scholar, born Derby, Derbyshire.
Octavius G Underwood, Son, aged 10, Scholar, born Long Eaton, Derbyshire.
Percival H Underwood, Son, aged 7, Scholar, born Nottingham.
Orlando M Underwood, Son, aged 6, Scholar, born Derby, Derbyshire.
Alice E Underwood, Daughter, aged 1, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.

Census 1891 Chellaston
Census 1891 Chellaston (Click to enlarge in new tab)

1901 UK Census
By the 1901 Census Florence appears to have left home and is listed as a 23 year old barmaid in London under her mother’s name (and the name in which her own birth was registered) as Florence Meakin.
1901 UK Census
Plashet Grove, East Ham, Essex, England
Ernest Taylor, Head, 27 years, Licensed Victualler (Shop Keeper) born Forestgate, Essex
Ellen Taylor, Wife, 27 years, born Rotherhithe, London
Kathleen Taylor, Daughter, 1 year, born Upton Park, Essex
Mabel McFarlane, Visitor, 20 years, Barmaid, born Black Heath, London
Elizabeth Mersham, Visitor, 24 years, Barmaid, born Kings Cross, London
Florence Meakin, Visitor, 23 years, Barmaid, born Derby, Derbyshire