Hayley Jane Underwood born 1990

Hayley Jane Underwood was born in Leeds on  14 July 1990 and her parents were David Mark Underwood and Susan Jane Underwood who were first cousins, and who got married at Blackpool in 1989.

Her paternal grand-parents were Christopher David Underwood, born at Singapore in 1941, and Ann Veronica Underwood (nee Howard) born at Whitby, Yorkshire in 1940, who married at Whitby in 1962.  Her maternal grand-parents were Richard Anthony Underwood, born in Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire in 1947, and Linda May Underwood (nee Craske) born at Atherton, Lancashire in 1946, who married in Tobruk, Libya, in 1967.

Hayley died on 4 December 1990 and the cause of death was given as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Birth of Hayley Jane Underwood

UK Birth index Jul-Aug 1990
Leeds, vol 5, page 969
Hayley Jane Underwood

Death of Hayley Jane Underwood

UK Death index Oct-Dec 1990
Leeds, vol 5, page 604
Hayley Jane Underwood