John Henry Underwood born 1853

John Henry Underwood was born in 1853. His birth was registered in Gloucester, England in the quarter October to December 1853, volume 6a, page 201.

He is mentioned in the UK Census 1861, at the Parish of Dursley. Railway House, aged 7, but does not appear in the 1871 Census:

George Underwood, Head, married, aged 42, Railway Engine Driver, born Atworth, Wiltshire.
Matilda Underwood, Wife, Married, aged 29, born Bath, Somerset.
Annie M Underwood, Daughter, unmarried, aged 17, Rope Maker, born Bridgwater, Somerset.
George Underwood, Son, aged 9, Scholar, born Gloucester, Gloucestershire.
John H Underwood, Son, aged 7, Scholar, born Gloucester, Gloucestershire.
(Unreadable) Underwood, Son, aged 5, Scholar, born Bristol, Gloucestershire.
Octavius Underwood, Son, aged 2, scholar, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.
Rosa Matilda Underwood, Daughter, aged 1, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.” Ann Maria Underwood is listed as Annie M Underwood in 1861 Census.
There is a 7 year old son whose first name is unreadable in 1861 Census
Spelling on 1861 census is Octavius, but on his birth record it was Octavious.

1861 Dursley Census
1861 Dursley Census