Joomla Manual: Joomla 3 Step by Step

The Joomla Manual provides step-by-step instructions for anyone wanting to create a stand-alone website using the free Joomla 3 website creation software.

The manual takes you through the process of downloading the software, finding a hosting company, installing the software, configuring it, and creating your first pages.

The manual provides all the information you need to get started if you have never created your own website before, or if you have never used Joomla before. No previous knowledge is assumed or anticipated.

Learn how to create categories, articles, and menus. Learn how to modify your site, add extensions, modules and plugins. Learn how to add a new template and images. Learn how to upgrade and configure media. All described step-by step from start to finish.

Joomla Manual: Joomla 3 Step by Step is available in paperback and eBook format.

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