Laura Mary Underwood born 1871

Laura Mary Underwood was born at Dursley in 1871, and at the time of the 1871 she lived with her parents George Underwood and Matilda Underwood at 44 Lower Mills, Dursley.  She is again listed at Dursley on the 1881 census, when she was living with her father and maternal grandparents, William and Sarah Curtis.  She married Henry Vasey in 1893.

Birth of Laura Mary Underwood

UK Birth Index
April – June 1871. Dursley, vol 6a, page 217
Underwood Laura Mary.

1871 UK Census Parish of Dursley. “44 Lower Mills:

George Underwood, Head, married, aged 51, Railway engine driver, born Atworth, Wiltshire.
Matilda Underwood, wife, married, aged 39, born Bath, Somerset.
George Underwood, Son, unmarried, aged 19, Gardener, born Gloucester, Gloucestershire.
Octavious Underwood, Son, unmarried, aged 13, scholar, born Dursley Gloucestershire.
Rosa Underwood, Daughter, unmarried, aged 11, scholar, born Dursley Gloucestershire.
Eugene Underwood, daughter, unmarried, aged 9, scholar, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.
Kate Underwood, daughter, unmarried, aged 5, scholar, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.
Alice Underwood, daughter, unmarried, aged 3, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.
Arthur Underwood, daughter, aged 1, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.
* Laura Mary Underwood, daughter, aged 3 weeks, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.

* Laura Underwood is not named on the 1871 Census, but her birth was later registered in those names.

1871 Dursley Census
1871 Dursley Census

Birth of Laura Mary Underwood

UK Birth Index
April – June 1871. Dursley, vol 6a, page 217
Underwood Laura Mary.

1881 UK Census. Parish of Dursley, Gloucestershire.

George Underwood, Head, male, age 60, born Akworth, Wiltshire
Rosa M Underwood, Daughter, f, aged 21, born Dursley.
Eliza K Underwood, Daughter, f, aged 15, born Dursley.
Alice C Underwood, Daughter, f, aged 13, born Dursley.
Arthur Underwood, Son, m, aged 11, born Dursley.
Laura M Underwood, Daughter, f, aged 10, born Dursley.
Sarah Curtis, Mother-in-Law, f, aged 60, born Wick, Gloucestershire.
William Curtis, Father-in-Law, m, aged 70, born Dursley.

Marriage of Laura Mary Underwood

UK Marriage index
Jan to March 1893, vol 6a, page 355.
Henry Vasey
Laura Mary Underwood