Linda May Craske born 1946

Linda May Craske was born at Atherton, Lancashire on 05 Sept 1946.  Her Father was George Rowland Craske, born at Atherton, Lancashire on 20 April 1922, and died 06 at Atherton, Greater Manchester on 06 Nov 1969.  Her mother was Beatrice May Craske (nee Leather), born at Leigh, Lancashire on 26 Sept 1923 who married at Leigh, Lancashire in 1942, and who died on 04 August 1981 at St Annes Hospice, Little Hulton, Bolton.

She spent a short period living with her maternal grand-mother, but for most of her childhood she was brought up by her paternal grand-mother.

Her paternal grand-mother was Elsie Craske, born at Leigh, Lancashire on 04 Nov 1900.  Her paternal grand-father is unknown and was not listed on George Rowland Craske‘s birth certificate.  Her maternal grand-parents were George Leather and Sarah Leather (nee Harris) who married at Leigh in 1921.

Linda May Craske married Richard Anthony Underwood at Tobruk, Libya, on 25 March 1967 and they had two children Susan Jane Underwood and David Richard Underwood.

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