Orlando Meaking Underwood born 1884

Orlando Meaking Underwood was born at Derby, Derbyshire in 1884.  His parents were Octavious Underwood, born at Dursley, Gloucestershire, in 1857, and Agnes Underwood (nee Meakin) born at Chellaston, Derbyshire, in 1885 who married in 1895.

His paternal grandparents were George William Underwood, born at Atworth, Wiltshire in 1819, and Maria Underwood (nee Lane) born in 1823.

Orlando Meaking Underwood appears to have been given a middle name based upon his mother’s maiden name of ‘Meakin‘.  In the birth register his middle name is listed as ‘Meaking‘, but the extra ‘g’ is probably a mistake and in the death register it is listed as ‘Meakin‘.  He died in Shardlow, Derbyshire, aged 10 in 1894.

Birth of Orlando Meaking Underwood

UK index of births. Derby, July-Aug 1884,
volume 7b, page 580
Underwood Orlando Meaking

Census Records for Orlando Meaking Underwood:

1891 UK Census Parish of Chellaston, South Derbyshire. “42 Bolton Edge:
Octavius Underwood, Head, Married, aged 33, Miner / Master Pit Labourer, born Divisley, Gloucestershire.
Agnes Underwood, Wife, Married, aged 35, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.
Florence E Underwood, Daughter, aged 12, Scholar, born Derby, Derbyshire.
Octavius G Underwood, Son, aged 10, Scholar, born Long Eaton, Derbyshire.
Percival H Underwood, Son, aged 7, Scholar, born Nottingham.
Orlando M Underwood, Son, aged 6, Scholar, born Derby, Derbyshire.
Alice E Underwood, Daughter, aged 1, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.

Census 1891 Chellaston
Census 1891 Chellaston (Click to enlarge in new tab)

Death of Orlando Meaking Underwood

UK index of deaths. Shardlow, Oct-Dec 1894,
volume 7b, page 254.
Underwood Orlando Meakin.