In order to register on the site you need to be:

  • already listed on the Underwood Family Tree website, OR
  • related to someone already listed on the Underwood Family Tree

It is important that you provide a correct email address.  Once your registration has been approved we will send you full details of how to log-in to the website.  More importanly, we will tell you how you can access and edit your own page.

You will be able to make your own details:

  • Visible only to yourself.
  • Visible to yourself and to all other registered and logged in family members.
  • Visible to everyone, anyone who visits the website.

You will be able to mix-and-match the above options and have some information visible to everyone, other information only visible to other registered and logged in family members, and other information that will only be visible to you (and to the website administrator).

To register, please complete the following form and then click on the ‘Submit‘ button. For security reasons it may take us a while to approve your registration, but the more information you provide the quicker it will be. We will be as quick as possible.


You must either be already listed on the Underwood Family Tree as currently listed on the website OR you must be related to someone who is already listed (however distantly). Please use the above paragraph to provide details of your relationship (for example: "I am already listed" or "I am the third cousin of ..."
Please include all your names in full, middle names as well as first and last names.
If you have married, or if you have changed your name for any other reason, please provide your full original name (or names).
Please insert your full date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format.
Town/City and County (+ country if not in the UK)
Full email in lower case
Please provide any additional information that may help us to identify you as a member of the Underwood Family.