Sebastians Lociks

Sebastians Lociks is believed to have been born in Latvia on 9 Nov 1924.  He married Cynthia Underwood at Bakewell in 1953 and they had three children Elain M LOCIKS and Wendy Lisa LOCIKS and  Susan Caroline LOCIKS.  He died at Derby in 1974.

The marriage index listed his first name as Sebastians (which is probably right as he was there).  The death index lists his first name as Sebastian (which is presumably incorrect.  The death index lists his date of birth as 9 Nov 1924.

For information about the origin of the ‘Lociks’ surname.

Marriage of Sebastians Lociks

UK Marriage index 1953
Bakewell Apr-Jun, vol 3a, page 100
Sebastians LOCIKS
Cynthia Underwood

Death of Sebastians Lociks

UK Death index 1975
Derby Jan-Mar, vol 3a, page 910
LOCIKS Sebastian 9 Nov 1924.