Brief History of Life

A Brief History of Life

A Brief History of Life: From The Origin of Life To The End Of The Universe is a popular science book exploring every aspect of life and death. It examines the latest scientific research about how life began, what life is for, how life ends, and whether there is any scientific basis for belief in any form of afterlife.

The result of years of research, this book provides answers to the most fundamental questions and a comprehensive analysis of what it means to be alive.

Complimented with 234 additional notes, and a comprehensive 169 entry bibliography of research, the Brief History of Life could be the most important book you will ever read.


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Life is something we all understand. We feel it physically and emotionally. We have examined our own life internally and externally. We have examined other people’s lives externally. Many of us have experienced the joy a new life brings, and the heartache the death of a loved one brings.

All adults have lived longer than it takes to complete a PhD, so when it comes to the subject of life, we should all be experts. Unfortunately, despite the accumulated years of study, ‘life’ is a subject which has few experts, and what experts there are disagree about almost every facet of the subject.

What is life? Take your pick. There are thousands of definitions, often within single scientific disciplines. Is there life after death? That depends upon your definition of death, which depends on which definition of life you have chosen. How did life first begin? There are several theories. Any of which may be right. All of which may be wrong. Is there life on other planets? Possibly, but before you can find life on other planets, you first need to find a definition of life everyone on Earth can agree on. Can we create artificial life? We’ve not managed it yet.

Years of study have led me to believe we have been too close to the subject. We are so familiar with seeing life all around us; we have lost the ability to view it objectively. Life is too complex for us to put it into boxes labelled biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Life incorporates all those disciplines and more.

Let me give you an example from history. Everyone knew the world was flat. The world was so obviously flat that nobody questioned it. They had all the evidence they needed. Whenever they opened their eyes, they could see the flat earth all around them and they never doubted what they already knew. Then along came someone who looked at things differently. They looked up at the distant sky instead of looking down at the ground, and the change of view changed everything.

This book looks at life differently, and the difference will change your outlook about life. BUY NOW (eBOOK)


eBook is available from all major eBook sellers, or BUY NOW (from Publisher)

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