Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the Underwood Family Tree Website

  • Why are the ages on a census sometimes different to the ages on a registration document?
    • Census returns and registration documents were not always accurate, and there were many reasons for the discrepancies.
  • How do I register or log into the site?
    • Only family members are allowed to register and log-in to the site and the registration form asks for proof of your relationship to the family.  In order to register you must be already named in the family tree, or you must be directly related to someone already named.  All registrations need to be approved by one of the site administrators.
  • What are the advantages in registering?
    • If you are a registered member of the family you will be given your own family tree page, and you will be able to add your own details (birth, schooling, relationships, children, occupation, pictures etc.).
    • The information will not be published whilst you are living without your  permission, but you can choose to make the information visible to anyone or to make it visible only to other registered and logged in members of the family.
    • You can even mix things up and have some paragraphs on the page that anyone can see, other paragraphs that only family members can see, and other paragraphs that only you can see.
    • You need to be aware that, even when you have consented to information being published about yourself, personal information about your childred will never be published without their specific permission.
  • Is registration free?
    • Yes, and it always will be.  We want the family tree to be as complete as possible, so we want as many members of the family as possible to register.
  • What can non-registered members of the public see on the website?
    • Non-registerd members of the public have full access to details of all members of the family tree who have died, but they cannot view any details of living members of the family tree unless those members have given specific permission.
  • Why is information about living members not visible?
    • There are several reasons, but the main three involve confidentiality, security and data-protection.
    • Priests, doctors and counsellors all have a responsibility to keep confidential information private, and we consider that we have the same responsibility of confidentiality.   It is up to individual family members what information they choose to disclose to others, and nobody else has a right to disclose personal information about any other family member.
    • Dates of birth and family relationships are frequently used in telephone banking and other online transactions to prove who you are.  Publishing such details may predjudice your online security.
    • The Data Protection Act 1998 is to be replaced in May 2018 by the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, and these require anyone storing, updating or sharing personal information to register with the Information Commissioner.  We, the owners and administrators of the website,  do not store, update or share personal information on this website.  We give you, the facilities to store your own information, to update that information as frequently as you want, and for you to share (or not share) that information with whoever you choose to share (or not share) it with.