Author Richard Underwood

Author Richard Underwood has written books in several genres including thrillers, self-help, popular science, software manuals and biography.

Ann Perkins Detective Agency Series

Manchester based crime thrillers with a touch of Northern humour


Easy read science books on how quantum physics affects our understanding of life and consciousness.

Tony Falcon Thriller Series

Terrorists plan a devastating attack on Britain during the war in Afghanistan

Software Manuals

Step-by-step software guides.


Practical self-help and guidance

Other Books

Poetry and Religion


Ann Perkins Detective Agency Series

A Manchester based crime thrillers with a touch of Northern humour.

FAKE WITNESS (Book One) – When Ernie Wright prevents a robbery in the heart of Manchester, England, he starts a manhunt by both sides of the law. He is the mouse in the cat-and-mouse game between Manchester police and a Manchester gangland boss. All he wants is what most of us would want, a million pounds in the bank. Unlike most of us he’s got a plan involving guns, banks and disguises.

ACCUSED (Book Two) – A client of the Ann Perkins Detective Agency is wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, and Ernie Wright is tasked with finding the real killer. What should be a routine case takes a turn for the worse when Ernie himself is accused of a different murder. Murders, burglaries, car chases, kidnaps, bugged phones, secret codes, and false arrests.

SPIED (Book Three) – (Expected 2023) – When Ernie Wright’s neighbour is murdered Ernie has to explain why he is found next to the body with blood on his hands. There is a completely innocent explanation, but as Ernie has signed the ‘Official Secrets Act’ and been recruited by GCHQ it’s not an explanation he can give without upsetting his spymaster clients.

Tony Falcon Thriller Series

An ex British Army sniper working freelance for the British Security Service MI5

Drone (Book One) – During the Afghanistan war terrorists plan to take out the Royal Family, the UK Government, and heads of the armed forces in a devastating attack. Security services know the attack is coming, but they don’t know who the targets are, when it will take place, or who will carry it out.

Popular Science

A BRIEF HISTORY OF LIFE: From The Origin of Life To The End Of The Universe is a popular science book exploring every aspect of life and death. It examines the latest scientific research about how life began, what life is for, how life ends, and whether there is any scientific basis for belief in any form of afterlife.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Expected 2024) – Consciousness appears to be something more than the simple interaction of our brain cells, but the cause, purpose, and location of our consciousness are all hotly disputed by scientists. There is no doubt our bodies decay or burn to ashes after our death, but the idea our consciousness continues after death is widespread among religious and non-religious people. This book examines current research into consciousness and the scientific evidence as to whether we will be re-united in death and meet our loved ones again.


OVERCOMING: Overcoming is the true story of a Christian journey undertaken by a young married couple. It follows them through training to become Salvation Army Officers and through their subsequent work among homeless people in inner-city Glasgow and London. The journey continues as they undertake pastoral work in Scotland and England which culminates in a crisis of faith leading to a new understanding of the nature of God.


PEBBLES – An eclectic collection of poetry in various shapes and sizes and on many subjects including funeral poems, love poems, war poems and comic religious monologues.

Software Manuals

ZEN CART MANUAL: ZEN CART 1.5 – Step-by-step guidance on how to create a stand-alone online store using Zen Cart 1.5 software.

JOOMLA MANUAL: JOOMLA 3 – Step-by-step guidance on how to create a stand-alone website using Joomla 3 software.

WEBTREES MANUAL: Webtrees 2 – Step-by-step guidance on how to create a stand-alone family tree website using Webtrees 2 software.


FREE READING AND WRITING HELP FOR ADULTS has been designed to help adults read and write, and is suitable for complete beginners.

BEREAVEMENT HELP – Practical support through grief and loss. A practical survival guide to recovery. A thoughtful gift for anyone who is bereaved. A valuable resource for health and social care professionals. A guiding hand for friends and relatives. Emotional, physical, mental, social, and spiritual help.

PHOBIA HELP – Practical help to overcome phobia and fear using the four step and four truth method.

ACCOUNTANCY HELP – Practical self-help in accountancy and double-entry book keeping for beginners.

Author Richard Underwood has written books in several genres including thrillers, self-help, popular science, software manuals and biography.

With one exception, all books are available in DF format that can be read online or printed out, and in eBook format for reading online or on an eBook reader.